Would you like to perform during the Hunt Country Music Festival Music Crawl?

We are seeking performers to present two 30-minute concerts scheduled between 1:30-5 PM on Saturday, July 1 during our Music Crawl.

Performers must present concerts that support our theme “Americana – a Celebration of American Music.” (We are looking for performers of any American musical genre including jazz, classical, folk, and bluegrass to “period” music from noteworthy events in American history.)

Artists must provide own accompaniment.

Ensemble proposals are welcomed but ensembles should have no more than 4 performers.

Performances will be presented in churches and the Middleburg Community Center which have small performance spaces (about 20 feet by 10 feet) so consider whether your program can be executed in the space available.

If you want to be considered for the Music Crawl, please provide detail about your potential program by March 31st.